Islamic propaganda-poison against jews

While the world press has continued to exhibit an unfair bias towards Israel during the raging Palestinian intifada, Arab and Islamic media outlets are sinking to new lows in their propaganda war against the Jewish State.

The following is a report by the Islamic Republic News Agency of Iran (IRNA) on the story of the brutal murder this week of two Jewish youths, both aged 14, who had been stoned and beaten to death by Palestinians, their heads and torsos crushed by large rocks. The two teens had cut school for a day to hike in a wadi near their homes in Tekoa.

Two Jewish terrorists killed

"AL-Khalil (IRNA) - Two Jewish terrorists were killed Tuesday night outside a Jewish settlement south of the Palestinian town of Bethlehem, the Israeli occupation army said today. The bodies of the two terrorists were found outside the settlement of T'ku, 5 miles south of Bethlehem. The occupation army said the two Jewish terrorists were apparently stabbed to death, ostensibly by Palestinian guerrillas. Following the discovery of the dead terrorists, the Israeli occupation army began a wide search for the guerrillas thought to have been involved in the incident."

In another story published this week by the US-based Islamic Association for Palestine, the report of a trial in Israel of a hit-and-run incident that occurred last year is given as follows:

Jewish settler tells court: 'I killed the Palestinian because he is an animal'

"Occupied Jerusalem - IAP News - A Jewish settler has pleaded guilty for the murder of an unidentified Palestinian man last year, saying, 'I viewed him as an animal.' The Israeli press reported that the settler, whose identity was not disclosed, admitted during trial at the Nazareth District Court that he 'viewed the Arab as an animal and felt no guilt or compunctions for his death.' The settler is reportedly from a settlement near Ramallah and his victim is from the village of Hizma, north of Jerusalem. The incident, in which the settler deliberately ran over the Palestinian with his car, took place on 25 April, last year. Israeli courts normally give light court sentences for crimes involving Jews killing Arabs but give extremely tough sentences if the victim is Jewish."

In the actual court case covered in this article, the Jewish defendant testified in court that he did not realize that he had hit a person. He was driving in the dark and did not see the victim when he hit something on the road. He thought he hit an animal and continued to drive. He was alone in his car in a dangerous area and since he thought he had not hit a person but instead an animal, he opted to continue driving.

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