Elon, 73, Israeli Bedouin-friend, beaten, burned and murdered by Palestinian terrorists

An elderly Israeli was beaten beyond recognition and burned, a victim of a
Palestinian revenge killing claimed by Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, police said
after finding the man's body Thursday (2 Jan 2003).

Massoud Elon's body was found in the Jordan Valley, in a place where
Israelis cannot travel unless accompanied by security forces. Until his
mission got fatally sidetracked, Elon was on his way to a Bedouin community
where he regularly donated and sold clothing at a reduced price.

Search teams arrived at Elon's car to find his body almost completely
incinerated and his face bashed beyond recognition, making it difficult for
police to identify him. Witnesses said it appeared he had been stoned to death.

While police were beginning a search for Elon on Thursday after he was
reported missing by his family, the foreign media was reporting that an
Israeli was killed by Palestinians. Soon after, Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades
began circulating leaflets taking responsibility for the murder, avenging
the IDF's killing of one of its members in a nearby Palestinian village.

Police sources said that while Elon, 73, had told the army he was entering
the Jordan Valley, he did not have a cellular phone and was unable to call
for help. Elon had visited the area for years selling used clothes to local
Bedouin at low prices, said police.


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