Egyptisk historieteckning av det judiska landet

Jerusalem har aldrig varit judiskt! Det kan man läsa på den egyptiska ambassadens hemsida i Washington.

"All along human history, Jerusalem has always been an Arab Palestinian city. There is no clearer evidence than the events and incidents of history that prove this Arab right with documents and scientific facts."'

"Under mänsklighetens hela historia har Jerusalem alltid varit en arabisk palestinsk stad. Det finns inga tydligare bevis än historiens händelser och tilldragelser som bevisar denna arabiska rätt med dokument och vetenskapliga fakta."

"Yet, Israel has always turned blind eye to the international community. It usurped West Jerusalem in 1948. Then it occupied East Jerusalem in 1967. Moreover, it declared in 1980 Jerusalem as its eternal unified capital."

"Historical facts prove that Jerusalem has witnessed Arab urban and human stability since the year 3000 BC. In 2500 BC, Arab Jebusites, descendants of the Jebusite Ben Canaan, made the City their capital and called it Orsalem, from which the Europeans derived Jerusalem, which means the City of Light. In 1479 BC, the City came under the Pharaohs, in the era of Thutmose III. (Moses tågade ut ur Egypten 1492 f. Kr. Thotmose III var antagligen den farao som förtryckte judarna i Egypten och som regerade i hela 55 år.) Pharaos used to govern Palestine through one of its citizens. In 1006 BC, the City came under the rule of kings David and Solomon consecutively. During the rule of King Solomon, a wall around the City, in addition to the Temple, were built. (Här sägs i alla fall att det var Salomo som byggde templet. Och var låg templet om inte på norra sidan av nuvarande Omar-moskén (Klipp-domen). After the death of King Solomon, the City was divided into two kingdoms, Judea in Jerusalem and Israel in Samarrah. The Chaldean King Nebuchadnezzar expelled the Jews from the two kingdoms. In 580 BC, he destroyed the City, burned the Temple and expatriated the Jews to Babylon in Iraq. Since then, namely 600 years BC, the political history of the Jews had ended in Palestine. (Det är ju ett fullständigt historielöst påstående!) In 539 BC, the Persians invaded Palestine and annexed it to their kingdom. Subsequently, Judea tribe came back from Babylon to Jerusalem. In 232 BC., Alexander the Great invaded Palestine and annexed it to the Greek Empire. Afterwards, Mark Antonio reinvaded it in 189 BC. Then came the Nabataean Arabs to invade it in 90 BC as was annexed to their capital till the Roman invasion in the 1st. Century AD. Under the Roman reign, the Jews informed the Roman ruler about Jesus Christ in 27 AD and accused him of atheism. Consequently, the Roman ruler crushed them all and destroyed the City and established a new one where the Jews were inhibited to enter. Then came the Arabs who opened Palestine In 636 AD. during the rule of Caliph Omar Ibn El Khattab. They entered Jerusalem and preserved (bevarade, sparade till eftervärlden) all its holy places intact.

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