The Abomination on the Temple Mount Continues . . .

The Temple Mount, the Hill of God, is still under terrible Islamic domination. From the first moment that the Arabs occupied the Temple Mount in 638 ce, they began to destroy the last remains of the Second Temple. The Western Wall of the Temple and the Western Wall of the Holy of Holies were still standing. The Moslems also destroyed the altar and other important parts of the Temple complex. They robbed vessels that they found in the ruins of the Temple. At the end of the 7th century, they built the Dome of the Rock on the most holy place of the Jewish nation. They also built a mosque on the Holy Hill of the God and named it Al Aqsa.

They did this as a part of their imperialistic occupation without the permission of God or the Jewish people. They did the same thing in other places where they occupied by their imperialistic forces. They destroyed churches and built mosques in their places. They did not hesitate to destroy the Hagia Sophia church in Constantinople and built a mosque in its place. This church was the center of Eastern Christianity. Then they renamed Constantinople, Istanbul. They also destroyed holy places of other religions in India, Asia, Africa and built mosques in their place. They did this because they want to destroy all other religions and convert all mankind to Islam. This is a very basic principle and motivation of Moslems all over the world. They want all mankind to be Islamic and the Qu'ran, the holy book of Islam, commands them to do this with a sword. Even today we see the results of this principle all over the world, for example, in New York, Oklahoma City, Paris, Bombay, Israel, and Lebanon. They do it because they have no respect for the holy places, cultural values, or the religions of other peoples. Another reason is because they want to give religious legitimacy to their imperialistic occupations. They have always been experts in the use of religious terms and historical lies to advance their political and imperialistic goals.

Today the Moslems continue the destruction of the remains of the First and Second Temples on Mt. Moriah. Very unique and important artifacts continually disappear from the holy site of God. These are holy to God, the Jewish People, Israel , every believer in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and, I would say, to all mankind. We worry deeply that we shall never recover these artifacts. The Arab Moslem barbarians destroy them in order to remove any evidence of the First and Second Temples on the Temple Mount. Recently they have started to spread ugly lies that the Temple was never on Mt. Moriah and that the history of the Temple Mount started in the 7th century when they occupied this area. How can they have the audacity to spread such terrible lies with no fear of the reaction of God and His people?

They have this audacity because few care about the most Holy Hill of God. Who is the United Nations which continually shows its anti-Israeli policy by making resolutions against Israel? It permanently supports the Arabs and the so-called "Palestinians" even though they continually commit terrorism and wage wars against Israel and her innocent population with the clear purpose of destroying them.

Who is the U.S. President and the American administration who are putting pressure on Israel to give away land while not caring about the Arab destruction on the Temple Mount? Where are the European nations that often state that Jerusalem and the Temple Mount are holy for them but do nothing to stop the Arab destruction? All of these powers do nothing to stop this abomination because they prefer Islamic oil and money. They don't care about God and put Him in the corner of their lives or even deny Him. For them, Israel is a small nation with little to offer in materialistic terms. Yet, Israel has the greatest gift for all mankind: the God of Israel, His holy Word and moral laws. It is so sad that the world prefers materialistic and physical values to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and His values. This hypocritical and immoral behavior cannot continue for very long. Mankind is destroying itself by its own hands. We are living in a time of godly testing; the time of God's judgment is soon to come.

Only the God of Israel controls the destiny of His Chosen People, Israel. God will judge all mankind, according to their behavior towards His people and the State of Israel. Whether or not they want to accept it, Israel was dedicated from the time that God called Abraham to be "a holy nation, a kingdom of priests and a treasure above all the nations" (Exodus 19:5-6).

The Arabs Continue to Build a Mosque in the Hulda Tunnel

A report from the Jerusalem police and municipal authorities states that the Arabs on the Temple Mount are continuing to destroy the last important remains of the Second Temple Age in the Hulda Tunnel. The Hulda Tunnel was the main entrance to the Temple Mount in the Second Temple Age. Millions of pilgrims entered the Temple Mount through the Hulda Gates. The Hulda Gate led to the Hulda Tunnel built by King Herod under the Temple Mount. The pilgrims entered into the court of the Temple from this tunnel and exited by the same way. On their way out from the Temple Mount they met pilgrims who were entering the Temple. They comforted those who had lost dear ones and blessed and prayed for those who had sickness or problems in their lives. It was one of the most special meeting places for Israelis when they came to the Temple Mount.

The Hulda Tunnel was the most beautiful tunnel built under the Temple Mount. It was filled with very special, beautiful ornaments of the seven species of holy fruit of the land of Israel and also housed a beautiful line of marble columns. From the first moment that pilgrims came to the Temple Mount it gave them a special feeling of holiness. This tunnel was one of the portions of the Second Temple which survived undamaged until the twentieth century. Visitors who came in previous centuries mentioned it in their writings. In 1998, the Arabs on the Temple Mount started to destroy the last remains in the tunnel. Previously, they had covered all the ornaments and columns with plaster to deny the Jewish identity of the tunnel. This was also done in other places on the Temple Mount to deny that the Temple existed on the Temple Mount. They wanted to claim that it was an Islamic center of mosques. Now they are building another mosque in the Hulda Tunnel. The Arabs on the Temple Mount refused to obey the Israeli orders to stop this work. The Israeli authorities showed weakness by failing to enforce these orders. These remains are very important. Israel has the responsibility to save them.

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