Fundamentalist Islamic Leaderís daughter threatened with death

A 19-year-old Turkish woman is threatened with death by her father for becoming a Christian while studying in England. She has applied for asylum to avoid having to return home.

The young girl, Debbie, has her case due to be considered by immigration officials in two months. In the mean time her life as well as her mothers has been threatened repeatedly. The young woman turned to Christ despite initial threats on her mother's life by her father, who is the head of a fundamentalist Islamic group. When her student visa expired, requiring her to leave the country, she applied for asylum for religious persecution. After her initial immigration interview seeking permission to stay in England, "Debbie" was contacted by a man "who told her that her father had paid him to kill her or bring her back to Turkey," said the report. Despite the threats, the woman had been publicly baptized and was "at peace not only with her decision, but with the circumstances that decision has placed her in. She did not fear this threat, and she can only say it is because she had such a sense of peace from God."

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