Hur kom Allah in i den kristna miljön? Omkring 200 år efter det att de islamiska arméerna erövrat Mellanöstern började de kristna i området att ta till sig arabiskan som sitt språk. Då blev det nödvändigt för dem att höra och läsa Bibeln på sitt nya förvärvade språk. I den äldsta kända arabiska översättningen - Mt. Sinai Coded 151 - översattes därför Elohim i hebreiskan och Theos i grekiskan till Allah. Smith och Van Dycks översättning från 1865 fortsatte den traditionen.

Our Father…Hallowed be Thy name. As an ex-Muslim, a native Arab whom by the Lord’s grace became a Christian, the Lord made it very clear to me that He has nothing to do with Allah. By the way, my first Bible wasn’t in Arabic. Otherwise, I may have rejected it and Christianity for the several reasons. When my relationship with the Lord had been established and I started growing in my faith, then the Lord allowed to get an Arabic version of the Bible. Believe me, whenever I take a look at it and read I get the feeling of throwing. The name Allah is everywhere in it, many mistranslations, misuse of common vocabulary, many grammatical mistakes, many expressions that are out of language order... I checked through the internet and looked at the Arabic versions they use. I even ordered and bought another Bible translated into one of the Arabic dialects. All of them use Allah and have a poor style of writing. No wonder why Muslims who are familiar with the very well written Koran reject the Bible and Christianity. No wonder why they believe and are convinced that the Bible is corrupted by men and has no divine power. Yes, versions of the Bible translated into Arabic and its dialects are corrupted. This is truth and we should face it, if we really want to promote the true Word of G-d and Gospel of His Christ and see the world saved. Otherwise, we are just spending time, energy, and money and causing people to stumble rather than to get saved. This is a burden that the Lord has lied down on my heart, and a call to every Christian who desires to serve G-d from his heart and preach His Word with accuracy and power. This is a call for all Christians to examine their Bibles translated into their native languages and to what extent they are accurate. This call is also for scholars, translators, and missionaries to check which G-d they are preaching and promoting tothe nations, is it truly YHWH the Father and YEHSHUA the Son or some false gods. This is a call for pulling out the weeds before the great harvest can truly begin (Mt 13:24-30, 36-43). This is a call to bind the strong men of the nations (Luk 11:21-22), the gods they think are the same as the G-d of the Bible, but are mere demons and idols. This is call for G-d to fulfil His word and promise regarding the profaning of his name in Eze.36:20-23. This a call for prayer and intercession. Please take a sincere look at the third commandment of G-d regarding His name (Exo.20:7) and Paul’s wisdom in introducing the Gospel to the Greeks (Act.17:22-31). May the Lord be with us all and help us to accomplish His will through us during this last days, before His return to affirm His kingdom and to take us home for eternity.

(Allen Christian)

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